Henk Jongmans mail: | web: | when: Sat, 03 Dec 2016 09:32:28 GMT
Trump Taiwan call controversy: 5 things you need to know
President-elect Donald Trump had a 10-minute phone conversation with Taiwan's president Tsai Ing-wen on Friday.
Donald Phillips mail: | web: | when: Sat, 03 Dec 2016 12:05:32 GMT
China to US: 'Be careful'
China's foreign ministry said Saturday it has lodged a complaint with the United States over a controversial phone call between President-elect Donald Trump and Taiwan's President that has overturned decades of diplomatic protocol.
Ryan Carter mail: | web: | when: Sat, 03 Dec 2016 10:02:27 GMT
Trump's call: Big deal or not?
It's weeks before the United States' next president takes office, but already Donald Trump is raising eyebrows among China-watchers after his phone call with Taiwan's president.
Todd Clark mail: | web: | when: Sat, 03 Dec 2016 04:45:02 GMT
Former ambassador: Trump 'winging it'
Continuing with the theme that paced his campaign, President-elect Donald Trump was anything but a traditional politician on Friday, holding a phone call with the President of Taiwan.
Marvin Ramirez mail: | web: | when: Sat, 03 Dec 2016 00:32:09 GMT
The trendy young face of Austria's far right
At the stroke of midnight in Vienna city center, members of Austria's so-called Identity Movement slipped on high-visibility vests and boarded a crane to pull off an audacious political prank: Draping a huge black cloth resembling a giant niqab -- the Islamic face veil -- onto a 90-meter-tall statue of the Habsburg ruler, Empress Maria Theresa.
Joshua Henry mail: | web: | when: Sat, 03 Dec 2016 01:34:10 GMT
Iceland handed to the pirates
Oh, not those kinds of pirates. Darn it.
Gregory Fisher mail: | web: | when: Fri, 02 Dec 2016 23:02:04 GMT
First Brexit, then Trump, now Italy
Steve Patterson mail: | web: | when: Sat, 03 Dec 2016 12:03:59 GMT
17 reportedly killed in mine explosion
Seventeen people were killed and others were trapped in an explosion at a mine in northern China's Inner Mongolia autonomous region Saturday, the Chinese state-run news agency Xinhua reported, citing local authorities.
Ryan Ramos mail: | web: | when: Sat, 03 Dec 2016 12:14:43 GMT
Duterte: Trump backs our drugs fight
President-elect Donald Trump told Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte that he is going about his controversial fight against drugs "the right way," Duterte said.
George Crawford mail: | web: | when: Sat, 03 Dec 2016 12:29:35 GMT
ISIS recruit: I was blinded by love
His friends know him as "Mo." And he is the most unlikely ISIS recruit you will ever meet.
Alan Hughes mail: | web: | when: Sat, 03 Dec 2016 05:36:28 GMT
Chapecoense's fallen return home
The tragic fairy tale came to an end Friday, as members of the Cinderella soccer team killed in the crash of LaMia Flight 2933 returned home to Brazil.
Craig Ellis mail: | web: | when: Fri, 02 Dec 2016 17:14:35 GMT
Obama sings 'Jingle Bells' with the help of some stars
Obama sang the Christmas carol at the White House tree lighting ceremony
Steven Boyd mail: | web: | when: Fri, 02 Dec 2016 23:39:06 GMT
Flight crews: Uniforms make us sick, literally
Nynke Van der louw mail: | web: | when: Fri, 02 Dec 2016 21:46:36 GMT
Nearly 2,000 Iraqi troops die in November
Nearly 2,000 Iraqi troops were killed across Iraq in the month of November, according to newly released UN figures, as they battle to force ISIS extremists from the country.
Adam Henry mail: | web: | when: Sat, 03 Dec 2016 01:19:26 GMT
Beloved clown killed in strike
Gregory Martin mail: | web: | when: Fri, 02 Dec 2016 13:39:06 GMT
Chelsea 'paid for sex abuse victim's silence'
The child sex abuse scandal that has rocked the English football world has taken a new twist after a former player accused one of the world's biggest clubs of buying his silence.
Patrick Evans mail: | web: | when: Fri, 02 Dec 2016 14:12:32 GMT
Trump protesters: 'I will not stand for you'
While President-Elect Donald Trump hosted his first "thank you" tour rally since the election, chants of "love trumps hate," echoed in the cold Cincinnati air Thursday night outside of the US Bank Arena.
Kyle Carter mail: | web: | when: Fri, 02 Dec 2016 17:32:53 GMT
Stolen concentration camp gate found?
An iron gate with the notorious Nazi slogan "Arbeit Macht Frei" stolen from a German concentration camp site most likely has been recovered.
Antonio Henry mail: | web: | when: Fri, 02 Dec 2016 14:25:14 GMT
Reality behind Russia's fake news
The 2016 presidential race was rife with disinformation, none more blatant than fake news -- hoaxes, half-truths, outright lies -- that flashed through the internet at warp speed.
Dennis Hughes mail: | web: | when: Fri, 02 Dec 2016 17:17:45 GMT
Boy with cancer granted 'blow stuff up' wish
The Make-A-Wish Foundation is in the business of making dreams come true -- even when the dream is to blow stuff up.
Jacob Parker mail: | web: | when: Fri, 02 Dec 2016 11:20:33 GMT
Look at me! Best selfies 2016
See some of the most memorable selfies taken in 2016.
Adam Flores mail: | web: | when: Thu, 01 Dec 2016 11:11:49 GMT
Who makes the Queen's Limo?
There was a time when British luxury car manufacturer Bentley produced just a few hundred vehicles a year and hoped that would be enough to keep it alive.
Marvin Ramirez mail: | web: | when: Tue, 29 Nov 2016 13:27:52 GMT
A-list stars strip down for 2017 Pirelli calendar
Nicole Kidman, Uma Thurman and Julianne Moore are among the actresses appearing natural and minimally retouched in tire brand Pirelli's 2017 calendar, unveiled Tuesday in Paris.
Jacob Marshall mail: | web: | when: Tue, 29 Nov 2016 10:03:55 GMT
Record-breaking skyscraper to hit London
Some commentators think Brexit will clamp the brakes on growth in the UK. London's skyline clearly didn't get the memo.
Craig Cooper mail: | web: | when: Fri, 02 Dec 2016 07:11:10 GMT
Chinese vehicle could beat Tesla
Walter Martinez mail: | web: | when: Fri, 02 Dec 2016 13:39:28 GMT
El Clasico: Stars dish on the showdown
You stand in the tunnel -- 87 years of complex sporting and political rivalry behind you, a must-win match ahead. Welcome to El Clásico.
Lawrence Phillips mail: | web: | when: Fri, 02 Dec 2016 13:56:30 GMT
'Mozart of chess' defies superstitions
As birthdays go, Magnus Carlsen's 26th will take some beating.
Paul Simmons mail: | web: | when: Fri, 02 Dec 2016 14:22:13 GMT
What's Alicia Keys' secret?
Fifteen Grammys and six studio albums into her career, Alicia Keys still hasn't cracked the formula for a hit song.
Jimmy Burns mail: | web: | when:
Plastic island: How trash is destroying paradise
Lee Jackson mail: | web: | when: Fri, 02 Dec 2016 10:54:07 GMT
How to win 30 million fans in six days
After an Olympic "fairytale," rugby is on a roll -- but can it maintain the momentum?
Earl Ramirez mail: | web: | when:
Pipeline protests: The start of a new civil rights movement?
Benjamin Morales mail: | web: | when: Sat, 03 Dec 2016 12:15:07 GMT
Inside the mind of Trump's new defense sec.: 'Mad Dog' Mattis
In picking General Jim Mattis, President-elect Donald Trump said Thursday night that he has found his "General George Patton." Yet that label may not really capture what makes Mattis a distinctive choice. Mattis has been sharply critical of President Barack Obama's policies on Iran, and Obama's capping of troop numbers and campaign end-dates in theaters of war such as Afghanistan and Iraq. Mattis also appears to be a skeptic of the Obama-era policy of putting women into combat roles.
Jeff Kennedy mail: | web: | when: Fri, 02 Dec 2016 04:31:37 GMT
N. Korea sanctions: Futile and dangerous
If you have a sense of deja vu reading headlines about new UN sanctions on North Korea as punishment for a nuclear test, that's because you literally have seen these headlines before -- as recently as spring.
Anthony Watson mail: | web: | when: Thu, 01 Dec 2016 20:27:47 GMT
Aung San Suu Kyi's tragic silence
Amnesty describes it as "collective punishment." A senior UN official suggested the goal appears to be "ethnic cleansing." Regardless of how it is described, it is clear the violence unleashed by Myanmar against its minority Rohingya Muslim population has been devastating.
Todd Howard mail: | web: | when: Wed, 30 Nov 2016 13:28:14 GMT
In 2017, France and Germany will split Europe in two
As Donald Trump prepares to move into the White House and Theresa May braces the UK for a hard Brexit, the EU is next in line to reap 2016's bumper crop of political upset.
Henk Jongmans mail: | web: | when:
No fees on International Payments
Jason Watson mail: | web: | when:
Fix your Exchange Rates today with
Benjamin Phillips mail: | web: | when:
Buy and Sell in 33 currencies with
Nicholas Mcdonald mail: | web: | when: Mon, 28 Nov 2016 20:07:34 GMT
Raped 43,000 times, but fighting back
Henk Jongmans mail: | web: | when: Wed, 26 Oct 2016 16:07:25 GMT
Saving children from life on the streets
Andy Stein shifts on the balls of his feet, leans against a wooden railing, and fidgets.
Donald Cox mail: | web: | when: Tue, 23 Aug 2016 12:50:31 GMT
Canadian teenagers sold for sex
As Lauren Chopek painfully details her story, she does so with the reticence of a survivor, as if somehow remaining silent would have been better.
Patrick Gonzalez mail: | web: | when: Fri, 22 Apr 2016 09:26:13 GMT
Child predator caught by tiny clue in photo
Harold Harrison mail: | web: | when: Tue, 19 Apr 2016 10:02:03 GMT
Girls drugged and sold as child brides
"When I woke up I didn't know that I was in China."
Jeffery Carter mail: | web: | when: Wed, 13 Jul 2016 09:46:38 GMT
The '5 disguises' used by human traffickers
Across the U.S., there is a movement to prioritize human trafficking prevention in our nation's communities. Schools, youth service programs, juvenile corrections services, group homes, and other youth-oriented spaces have begun to recognize their great potential to empower youth to stay safe from exploitation.
Harold Cox mail: | web: | when: Fri, 02 Dec 2016 20:01:48 GMT
Beloved Aleppo clown killed in airstrike
Anas al-Bashra, a youth worker who entertained children in war-torn Aleppo while dressed as a clown, has been killed in an airstrike on the city.
Douglas Thompson mail: | web: | when: Wed, 30 Nov 2016 22:38:17 GMT
Midway, a plastic island
CNN's Nick Paton Walsh travels to Midway Atoll in the Pacific Ocean to investigate how the plastic we throw away everyday enters the food chain and possibly, our bodies.
George Peterson mail: | web: | when: Thu, 01 Dec 2016 11:44:12 GMT
Populism: What next after Trump and Brexit?
After Brexit and the election of Trump, some argue that we are seeing a rise in populism. CNN's Nic Robertson explains why Europe could be the litmus test.
Joshua Lee mail: | web: | when: Tue, 29 Nov 2016 22:27:03 GMT
How soldiers survive in the Arctic
Norwegian border guards train in the freezing wilderness near the town of Kirkenes, a key area to securing NATO's border with Russia. CNN's Nick Paton Walsh has more.
Gregory Howard mail: | web: | when: Fri, 02 Dec 2016 17:16:05 GMT
Boy with cancer granted 'blow stuff up' wish
12-year-old Declan started his recovery from leukemia with a bang, joining the Australian Federal Police for some explosive exercises.